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Buyer Beware: Third-Party Print Sales (An Argumentative Case on the Importance of OEM)

printer on fire

Buyer Beware, Third-Party Print Sales: An Argumentative Case on the Importance of OEM TriTech understands the appeal of purchasing from third-party sellers: it’s typically cheap, convenient, and fast. These are probably the most popular three draws for any consumer, who in this case is a buyer for a business, but do not come without risk. Imagine applying these traits for a car or house, and chances are that concerns will emerge about long-term costs because these large investments can be expensive and add up over time. Imagine applying these traits for a less extreme example, such as fast food or furniture, and chances are that they outweigh any concerns about long-term costs because these smaller investments can be a quick-fix – if you need a lunch or desk, then you need a lunch or desk. Businesses want to reduce costs, minimize hassle, and save time – just like most consumers – and we understand that. When it comes to information technology, though, we would like to present an argumentative case on the downfalls of using third-party sellers for your business, office, or workplace. Warranties for OEM Devices If you purchase a machine and warranty from an authorized reseller such as…
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IP Camera Mobile Apps on iOS, Android – Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic

IP Camera Apps on Tablet. Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic Video Insight

IP Camera Applications for Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic Surveillance Systems Axis Communications, Mobotix, and Panasonic System Communications are worldwide leaders for network security cameras. If your business has an IP camera system from any of these manufacturers, there may be a mobile app that you aren’t utilizing. Camera Station works with Axis products and open-standard IP cameras from third parties, so check for compatibility before purchasing a license if you have a surveillance system from a different manufacturer. Companion works with the Companion Camera Line and most other equipment from Axis, essentially Axis only. Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic Mobile Applications Axis and Panasonic applications are developed for both Android and Apple iOS. Mobotix has only developed one application and it’s available on Apple iOS. None of the IP camera makers have released mobile apps for Windows, Amazon, or smartwatch-compatibility. (NOTE: You must have the appropriate video surveillance implemented in order for the apps to work) Axis Camera Station, Axis Companion, and Video Insight are mobile versions of their respective desktop video management software. Axis Camera Station is a stream-viewing application for those who have a license for the original software. Camera Station works with Axis network products as well as third-party devices…
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