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World Backup Day is March 31st

World Backup Day is March 31st, landing on a Friday this year and giving people something to do over the weekend. Described as “a day for people to learn about the increasing role of data in our lives and the importance of regular backups,” World Backup Day isn’t a novelty holiday as it may seem – unlike National Trivia Day and National Paperclip Day (yes, these both exist and yes, National Puppy Day is a real holiday). It is meant for those who didn’t learn that time when their laptop crashed and the big project was lost, or desktop computer froze and all work from the previous session disappeared, or smartphone glitched and nothing was recoverable (Samsung Galaxy S3 “sudden death” and Apple iOS 10 brick, anyone?). It is also meant for those fortunate few that have never experienced losing data because, trust us, it’s borderline earth-shattering. What is backup? Storing data in a secondary location for recovery of earlier versions and/or after loss. The objective can be viewed as two methods: active and passive. Active backup is the frequent or continuous copying of data, as up to date as the primary location with earlier versions also available. Passive backup…
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Healthcare Solution Partners of TriTech at HIMSS 2017

Didn’t make it to Orlando, Florida, for the 2017 Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society Annual Conference & Exhibition? Us, either, but here’s a roundup of partner news from HIMSS 2017 – from Avaya to Zebra – plus some bonus information on other healthcare offerings!

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