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IP Camera Mobile Apps on iOS, Android – Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic

IP Camera Apps on Tablet. Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic Video Insight

IP Camera Applications for Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic Surveillance Systems Axis Communications, Mobotix, and Panasonic System Communications are worldwide leaders for network security cameras. If your business has an IP camera system from any of these manufacturers, there may be a mobile app that you aren’t utilizing. Camera Station works with Axis products and open-standard IP cameras from third parties, so check for compatibility before purchasing a license if you have a surveillance system from a different manufacturer. Companion works with the Companion Camera Line and most other equipment from Axis, essentially Axis only. Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic Mobile Applications Axis and Panasonic applications are developed for both Android and Apple iOS. Mobotix has only developed one application and it’s available on Apple iOS. None of the IP camera makers have released mobile apps for Windows, Amazon, or smartwatch-compatibility. (NOTE: You must have the appropriate video surveillance implemented in order for the apps to work) Axis Camera Station, Axis Companion, and Video Insight are mobile versions of their respective desktop video management software. Axis Camera Station is a stream-viewing application for those who have a license for the original software. Camera Station works with Axis network products as well as third-party devices…
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IP Security Camera Basics

Mini Box and Discreet IP Cameras

There are many types of IP surveillance cameras, making you wonder what the best option is. Do you need a PTZ camera or would a fixed camera with zoom and a wide-lens be sufficient? These camera basics from TriTech will go over the different options on the market today and how they are used. Types of IP Security Cameras There are four general types of IP cameras: Fixed (the standard): With a fixed IP camera, the viewing direction is set and can only be changed manually. An unconcealed presence, a fixed surveillance camera is for businesses that want people to know it’s there – such as retail or financial. Fixed Dome (the covered): With a fixed dome surveillance camera, the set position is more difficult to see overtly by design and many allow digital PTZ. It has a masked appearance and is for businesses that want people to be unaffected by it – such as hospitality and healthcare. PTZ (the movement): Pan, tilt, zoom. The range of visibility with a PTZ security camera is much more extensive including 360° pan, 220° tilt, and 30× zoom. With numberless visual capability, a PTZ IP camera is for businesses seeking direct control, monitoring…
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