12/12/12 – A Dozen Services with a Dozen Benefits Each!

Ever wonder what the different benefits of a given service might be for your business? We’ve chosen 12 of our services, and listed 12 reasons you might want to consider giving them a try. ┬áHave any questions? Leave a comment below!

01 – Digital Signage

  • instantly change your message
  • reduce printing costs
  • vibrant colors draw more attention
  • no more struggling with large pieces of paper
  • additional durability
  • flashing graphics to draw more attention
  • use one space to show several messages
  • design to publication time drastically reduced
  • multifunctional–can be used as a television or monitor as well as a sign
  • small edits can be easily taken care of
  • no need to store physical signs when not in use–all-digital saves space!
  • streaming media–show videos when your message will benefit

02 – Cloud Computing

  • minimize up front hardware investment
  • access data from any device
  • access your data at any time
  • access the data from anywhere
  • remotely storing data minimizes your risk of total loss
  • TriTech’s Cloud service offers high-security, 24-hour guarded access
  • cost of adding new users drastically reduced
  • includes backup at no additional cost
  • ensures software licensing compliance
  • free your IT staff to focus on business-building tasks
  • additional control over your IT spending
  • advanced fire suppression at the data center protects your data from disaster

03 – Cabling

  • installation technicians follow all EIA/TIA standards
  • BICSI certified technicians
  • all cabling installations include a 15-year warranty
  • variety of offerings, including fiber, data and voice
  • troubleshooting for existing installations
  • experienced with directional boring, giving solutions regardless of scale
  • almost 20 years of experience
  • uses only trusted, high quality brand name products such as Panduit, CommScope and Cooper B-Line
  • all technicians have at least 5 years of cabling experience
  • can “future proof” your cabling
  • with network engineers, hardware technicians and IT consultants, TriTech can design and implement a complete network for your organization
  • installs cable and hardware

04 – Printer Repair

  • technicians have at least 5-years experience with Xerox, OkiData, Hewlett Packard and IBM machines
  • experience repairing dot matrix impact printers
  • repairs most laser printers
  • can repair most thermal Zebra receipt and label printers
  • warranty authorized for repair of many Zebra printers
  • warranty authorized for HP printer repair
  • warranty authorized for Xerox printer repair
  • warranty authorized for Epson printer repair
  • warranty authorized for many Epson POS printers
  • technicians hold certifications from Xerox, Epson and Zebra
  • depot and on-site repair options available
  • printer repair service includes 90-day parts and labor warranty

05 – Depot Repair

  • convenient Waukesha location close to the Milwaukee area
  • a small inspection fee covers diagnosis and quote for repair
  • inspection fee goes toward overall cost if you move forward with the repair
  • many printer manufacturers carry depot-only warranties
  • depot service is ideal for home users or home offices where on-site repair is not offered
  • overall cost is generally less when compared to on-site service
  • using depot service ensures your office will be less disrupted by technicians doing their work
  • drop off at your convenience between 8 and 5
  • we’ll call you when it’s ready
  • you will be fully aware of all charges before any work is done
  • TriTech has been providing hardware repair since 1993
  • drop off your computer or printer

06 – Managed Print

  • control costs
  • easy budgeting
  • pay-per-use
  • many plans include service
  • plans can include maintenance
  • just one monthly invoice states the cost for all your printers, simplifying paperwork for you
  • cost-per-print is usually regardless of coverage–use as much ink per page as you want!
  • take advantage of TriTech’s trained technician’s, without the unpredictable cost (pay only for parts)
  • supply procurement becomes much simpler
  • managed print saves you money when you consolidate printers and reduce safety stock costs
  • many plans include preventative maintenance
  • by receiving data on usage patterns, you can make better decisions regarding print in the future

07 – IT Consulting

  • working with an IT consultant provides you with the education you need to make an informed decision about today’s business technology
  • our IT consultants are trained in a variety of business technology and can answer questions like:
    • “Does my business really need VoIP?”
    • “When should we upgrade our network cabling?”
    • “Is it the right time to upgrade our computers?”
    • “What kind of computer is right for my employees?”
    • “What are the benefits of setting up a VPN?”
    • “Do I need to be worried about security in regards to our new BYOD policy?”
    • “How much can I expect to pay to maintain our printer fleet?”
  • TriTech also gives you advice in regards to other IT aspects, such as Cloud
  • an IT consultant wants to make sure the technology works for you
  • a consultant will listen to your needs before trying to sell you anything

08 – Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

  • stay up-to-date with the most current system
  • take advantage of the most recent software
  • you’ll no longer need to replace your expensive old equipment as it fails–it’s included!
  • service technicians are available as you need them
  • have a small monthly fee, instead of a large up-front cost
  • reduce the cost of adding users
  • take advantage of the greater sound quality of VoIP
  • can give you savings, compared to analog phone line bills
  • experience additional mobility when any phone, anywhere, can be treated as a local extension
  • remote and satellite offices can be easier to transfer calls to
  • hosted VoIP solutions are reliable
  • advanced call functions help streamline your business process

09 – Computer Networking

  • certified network technicians can design, set up, troubleshoot and install networks of various sizes
  • TriTech’s technicians are certified in Microsoft Windows Networking
  • TriTech’s technicians have Cisco Network technology certifications
  • properly working networks offer:
    • more effective communication
    • efficient sharing of resources
  • secure networks deliver secure communications
  • email server support is available to ensure your organization stays moving
  • backup solutions, such as a NAS attached to your network, are invaluable in the event of a main drive failure
  • preventative maintenance gives you maximum uptime
  • a VPN can give your employees secure, remote access to the network regardless of where they are
  • TriTech can set up a wireless network to give you greater freedom with less cables

10 – Video Surveillance

  • affordability: previously, video was only cost-effective in large applications. now, anyone can afford it!
  • monitoring in real time lets you evaluate situations as they happen
  • remote access delivers the convenience of being able to check in from almost anywhere
  • video quality today is better than ever, meaning that is it more useful in the event something actually goes wrong
  • video surveillance can help prevent employee theft
  • video surveillance can help stop shoplifting
  • it can be used to capture good and bad behavior, ideal for use as a training tool
  • recorded incidents can help determine truth in harassment and other “he-said/she-said” incidents
  • prevent vandalism by placing a camera in a conspicuous area outside your building
  • monitor store traffic to determine how to place products
  • video can reduce your insurance premiums by deterring some behavior and protecting the business from invalid claims
  • equipment purchases are often tax-deductible

11 – RFID Solutions

  • ideal for asset management
  • can be used to track goods
  • contactless information reading means less wear and more efficiency
  • large batches of tags can be read at once
  • get your printers, readers and tags all from one source!
  • RFID is becoming industry-standard in many cases. future-proof your organization today!
  • solutions from TriTech are durable, interoperable and easy to use
  • antennas enable faster scanning
  • TriTech can sell and install a complete RFID solution
  • RFID security features can help eliminate and reduce loss
  • access for RFID-secured buildings for increased security
  • size, read range and memory capacity are all customizable for specific applications

12 – Video Conferencing

  • reduces travel costs
  • better communication when compared to voice conference
  • quickly access experts throughout your organization
  • video communication is as easy as making a phone call
  • TriTech’s IT consultants can help you determine a solution based on your needs and budget
  • a variety of installation options deliver flexible deployment options
  • TriTech is the largest video conferencing integrator and reseller in the state
  • many solutions are scalable for growth
  • studies show people learn twice as much in face-to-face communications
  • TriTech has 10 years of video conferencing installation and support experience
  • TriTech offers support for all video systems we sell
  • as more people adopt video communications, it becomes more useful to businesses everywhere

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