Mandatory RFID ID Cards in Schools

It’s Back to School Day!

Most of use who have attended a school in the past decade recall the “requirement” to carry an ID card whenever we were on campus. It was useful; the card could give us access to lunch money or library books, and, in college, enabled us to enter our dorm rooms or restricted buildings.

However, you probably weren’t required to carry an RFID-enabled card with the express purpose of tracking you wherever you went all day. In San Antonio, school officials are doing just that. In an effort to reduce truancy and tardiness, the RFID cards will track when they enter and leave school, and also where they are on campus.

According to the story on, not all parents and students support the new mandatory RFID solution, mainly for privacy reasons.

People are concerned that the tags will continue to be tracked outside of school, which is worrisome to parents who are concerned about child predators.

What do you think? Is RFID technology safe enough to force on our children?