BICSI Ethics

Many people recognize the BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) organization and its members as a group of individuals committed to the cabling industry’s best practices. BICSI certification requires both the certification and completion of comprehensive BICSI courses in a variety of cabling  courses, and also requires continuous education to maintain this certification.

The Benefits of Working With a BICSI Certified Technician:

  • High quality installations
  • Knowledgeable about standards and codes
  • The technician is likely a career professional
  • Experience
  • Practices proper safety practices
  • Has skills in planning and technologies

According to the BICSI website, “BICSI members and those holding BICSI registrations and certifications are held to the highest principles of professional and ethical behavior.” This means it’s nearly impossible to retain your BICSI certification after a violation of the BICSI Code of Ethics, which can further enforce your faith in BICSI-certified cabling installers.

If you need to file an ethics complaint with BICSI, you may use the BICSI Ethics Complaint Submission Form to file a complaint online.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone.

The Eve of Windows 8

Tomorrow Windows 8 releases, and the response from clients may indicate the future for Microsoft. Windows 8 is the first platform from Microsoft designed to run on both PCs and tablet computers, which is perhaps the largest change Microsoft has made to their operating system since the 1990s. This time around, Microsoft has also made a touchscreen control top priority, but it can be used by a keyboard and mouse for desktop and laptop users who don’t have a touch screen.
Windows 8
In the testing stage, there have been mixed reviews. Some users like the start screen, which consists of tiles instead of icons, and other are absolutely frustrated by it, saying it’s a confusing interface.
Windows 8 release
The most important impact Microsoft needs to make is to consumers who are now using smartphones and tablets. These users want a type sleek, elegant interface that Windows 8 is certainly trying to deliver, but it’s ultimately up to the consumers to cast judgement.
Windows 8 on Tablets
With PC sales expected to decline this year, and projections indicating that companies and governments won’t be switching to Windows 8 for at least another year, it’s really the tablet and smartphone category that will most effect the early perception of the operating system amongst consumers.

Windows 8 for PCs

What do you think? Will you be making the switch to Windows 8 as soon as you can?