The Final Days until Windows 8

Windows 8 may not have the whole world captivated, but it sure is making an impression in the creative market. Windows 8 is a major redesign from Microsoft that delivers a dramatic change from the traditional Windows experience that for so long dominated the market. With what Microsoft calls “Windows 7, only better,” Windows 8 has a new look based on the foundation built in Windows 7.

Windows 8 Start Screen

The start screen is probably what has the most people either excited or concerned. With one screen that contains the elements most important to you, it’s easy to check your calendar, email, the weather and whatever else you want with one glance.
Windows 8 Start Screen

However, not all users find this intuitive. Although no one really disagrees that it’s a fantastic interface for touch screen devices such as smart phones and tablets, many potential users are dreading how the start screen will navigate on desktops by mouse, or even by keyboard.

New Touch Commands with Windows 8

Touch-enabled commands are also new with Windows 8, along with a completely reinvented and easy-to-use interface. The keyboard is designed for intuitive, natural use.

Windows 8 Keyboard

With devices that use touch-screen interfaces, a number of new gestures allow you to more easily navigate through app and the OS. This is great for users who will have the touch screen interface, but for those of us still using a traditional desktop or laptop, there are “mouse equivalents,” but how intuitive they are is yet to be seen.

Windows 8 will be released this Friday. Upgrade discounts are available for users currently using Windows 7 who would like to upgrade.

Ultimicron Panel from Epson

Epson now offers a TFT color panel that offers a higher resolution for use in mid- to high-end digital mirror-less, interchangeable-lens cameras. This new ultimicron panel delivers smooth gradations and natural softness, along with the resolution users will require to focus the lens.

A color filter will help to eliminate the color break-up that can happen with other color systems while shooting a fast-moving object or while panning through a scene.The Ultimicron panel is less than half an inch diagonally (.47″) and offers an XGA resolution, which is 1024 x 768 pixels, in red, green and blue, delivering a total of 2.36 megapixels.

These electronic viewfinders are most commonly used in the finder window on digital single-lens reflex cameras and camcorders. With Epson’s latest advancement in this technology, manufacturers will have an easier time fitting the compact screen in the device, and users will be able to more naturally use it.
Epson UltiMicron