Polycom Strategy Day

The new products announced at Polycom Strategy Day from the NASDAQ give insight into the direction video communications is headed. And where is that, you may ask? To the cloud!

A lot of business technology is being virtualized and brought to “the cloud” lately. Whether it is your backup system, your servers or your video communications solution, cloud technology is proving to be more cost-effective, and oftentimes more accessible, than premise-based solutions.

Polycom’s cloud solution, the RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite, offers an on-demand video collaboration solution that encourages communication across organizations. This even includes what used to be incompatible platforms, such as Google Talk, Skype and even Facebook as a means of video collaboration. Now, only one user needs CloudAXIS to connect with any mixture of users from other web-based platforms.

Polycom’s main focus is interoperability. By allowing anyone, anywhere, with any hardware, and now on almost any platform, video can be a more intuitive and secure communication avenue that benefits more users.

We will be discussing Polycom’s solutions in more detail in posts to come.

Choosing a Copier Repair Company

If you work in an office, and that office has a copy machine, you’ve probably lost productivity at some time or another thanks to that copier breaking down. You may even experience chronic problems with copier malfunctions or paper jams.  But here’s the thing: you don’t have to deal with these issues forever. In fact, much downtime can be eliminated by simply performing regular maintenance.
Choosing a Repair Company
While some maintenance and repairs can be performed by yourself or coworkers, in a relatively short amount of time, other tasks require a trained professional. Choosing a professional copier repair technician can prove to be an overwhelming task, due in part to the seemingly endless options you’ll find when you Google “Copier Repair.” However, choosing a copier repair company doesn’t have to be a daunting task.


Copier Repair companies vary greatly in price. Most companies charge hourly rates, travel fees and a cost for any replacement parts. A professional repair company will be very up front telling you how much your repair will cost. If you choose TriTech to repair your copy machine, we will send you a rate letter describing the travel charge to your location, and our hourly rates. We then quote you the cost of labor and parts for the repair, and which point you can approve the repair costs or decline to move forward.

Response Time

While it’s obvious you want a quick response time, it may not be obvious what your repair company is able to commit to. At TriTech, you can expect a call back from our technician in an hour, and your repairs are usually completed within a week. The only thing that slows us down is how fast the parts can get to us. Unfortunately, we’re unable to stock all of the replacement parts for all of the printers we service, and therefore are sometimes at the mercy of the manufacturer’s when it comes to part availability.


You will want to choose a service company that has a lot of experience and happy customers. TriTech’s technicians have at least five years of copier repair experience, and would be pleased to provide you with references of our customers to assure you of our expertise.


Depending on your needs, you will require different service options. Some companies work on a break-fix model, meaning you call them when your machine is broken, whereas other companies offer various managed service agreements to keep your costs predictable and your downtime to a minimum. Even within managed service agreements you can find a variety of different service levels. Some agreements only guarantee that a technician will come on-site when your machine is down, others provide a monthly quarterly maintenance visit that keeps your copier working well. TriTech offers a variety of service options. To go over your choices, simply give us a call. We’d be happy to talk with you.