It’s Almost December

TriTech is hosting their first annual Holiday Open House next week Thursday, December 6th to kick off the Holiday Season. We will be opening our doors to existing customers and potential clients to share candies, cookies, hot chocolate and other treats. Our sales team will be available to answer any questions you might have about the services and products TriTech offers.
We’ll even be expecting a visit from Santa!
TriTech Holiday Open House
If you’d like to attend, just give us a call, “like” us on Facebook, or comment below and let us know. The more the merrier!

Google Fiber in Kansas City

Google’s new venture has been in the planning phase for a long time. However, just last week, installation began. That’s right, Google Fiber is starting to connect homes in Kansas City to affordable super high-speed Gigabit internet and cable, or free internet (at today’s “standard speeds”) with a one-time construction fee.

If you’re like me, you probably mostly forgot about Google Fiber once Google decided not to go with Milwaukee as a test area. Perhaps, now, with the pilot deeply underway, there is now a chance that fiber connectivity will be available to a broader market, in time.

What do you think? Is Google Fiber a good thing for communities, or would it be too much of a hassle with all the constant construction during the fiber-laying phase?