Booklet Printing with Xerox

Xerox allows you to easily create booklets, which can be great options for presentations, concerts and more. You can also use the booklet printing feature when you want to make greeting cards. This is a driver features, available on machines like the WorkCentre 5755 and ColorQube 9200. For more information, give us a call! You can also check out these videos posted on the Xerox blog.

Windows 8 Phone

Two years ago, Windows Phone launched–and now we can see that it was a preview of what Microsoft has been building with Microsoft 8. Both Windows Phone and Windows 8 feature “live tiles” instead of icons that can change to display different information from the apps.

Windows 8 Phone offers “Kids Corner” which will only show the games, videos, apps and videos that the parent decides should be available. Kids Corner will bypass the lock screen on the phone, so kids can access appropriate apps without the parent worrying about them spending money or sending unwanted emails. Kids have control over their theme color and what apps they want pinned, but not really anything else.
Windows 8 Phone

With Windows Phone, most people had a problem with these “live” tiles, since they weren’t really live.  Not all icons would change to show data, and others would show very uninformative bits of information, and all of them were on one screen, making users scroll through a huge list to find what they’re looking for.

Windows Phone 8 has addressed many of the complaints previous generations of Windows Phone users have experienced. It offers 20 different theme colors along with more customization than users have had before.

Windows 8 Phone Phones“Rooms” is another feature that is designed to allow users to set up private sharing of notes, calendars, chats and photos with groups of people, such as “family” “work” and “friends,” or however else you desire.

You can also download maps from Nokia for offline use, which can be ideal in situations where you don’t have access to the internet. The Camera app is also interesting, which allows  you to choose virtual “lenses” that  will act like effects. The bar code scanner is loaded by default, which is convenient when you need it and don’t want to look around for a separate app.

Windows 8 Phone has some promising features, but its success will ultimately be tied with the success of Windows 8, as well as the risk people are willing to take on a device from Windows, since Windows phones have been a let down in the past. Time will tell