Catching the Video Conferencing Wave

Cisco TelePresence
Polls are increasingly showing that video conferencing is on the rise. Businesses are valuing the benefits of face-to-face interactions far more than before. With costly travel expenses and telecommuting reducing how much people can actually visit with one-another, video conferencing is becoming the new tool for communications. To meet this demand, companies are continually innovating video conferencing equipment and solutions.
Small businesses and enterprises can benefit from large video conferencing infrastructures, video chat software and even small desktop appliances. Interact with remote coworkers and employees as though they were in the office, or show clients and customers your business’ friendly faces.
A growing trend is to establish a video conferencing network across the business, and then compliment it with smaller, compatible camera appliances. The larger network-based systems provide easy connectivity, while the smaller devices can be transferred from room to room with ease.
The medical industry is one reason for the boom in video conferencing. Doctors can make home visits again (yes, at one point in history, they did do that) through video. Patients can provide doctors and healthcare providers more information through multimedia than a phone call can offer. The odds are, a hospital near you has implemented a video conferencing trial program or is considering it.
Choose wired or wireless video conferencing systems. Wired systems tend to offer more features, while wireless systems can be carted around the office, hospital or other workplace. Standards-based solutions mean equipment is compatible with your existing system.
And let’s not forget Skype, still at the forefront of consumer-based video chatting. Skype-certified web cams and conferencing equipment are perfect for businesses seeking an easy to provision solution—just log in! New cameras are entering the market that only need an Internet connection, an HD display and a Skype or other service provider’s account information.
However your business decides to integrate video conferencing, it will be entering the new mainstream of communications. Face-to-face interactions foster better trust, productivity and a whole host of benefits.