Faster Fiber Optics and 10-Gigabit Ethernet


Data transfers rule the world. Don’t believe us? Try to not use your phone, your computer or any other device for the rest of the day. It’s hard not to do—especially at a modern office or business environment.

Better VoIP services, video conferencing systems, integrated UC solutions and cloud computing are increasing the demands of network infrastructures.

Technology always seems to have an answer for our wants and needs. A new kind of laser built at CalTech could increase the power of fiber optic cabling twenty-fold! This laser produces light frequencies 20 times narrower than present fiber optic cabling. In perfect conditions, a fiber optic cable using this laser could be 20 times faster. Even if the laser is only 10 times faster or two times faster in imperfect conditions, it’s still a huge improvement.

The invention by CalTech isn’t going to be ready for mass production anytime soon. In the meantime, 10-gigabit speed Ethernet has shown us plenty of reason to become the new network standard (besides fiber optics).

Network switches and other appliances with 10-gigabit Ethernet ports are increasingly showing up. They’ve become more affordable too, not just within the reach of enterprises anymore. The cost of high-performance Ethernet cabling has also fallen more in-line with a small business’ budget. If your business has been considering an infrastructure upgrade, 10-gigabit Ethernet is definitely all the buzz right now.

Faster networks foster better productivity. Content sharing between businesses is instant, allowing proposals to get approved in a fraction of the time that they used to. Closing deals over the phone or via mail is an easy way to get behind in today’s fast-paced world.