D-Day for Windows XP is April 8th

Windows XP

So long, Windows XP. It’s been fun, seriously. But we’re just not compatible anymore. At least, that’s the line Microsoft has given Windows XP as it plans to end support for the twelve-year old operating system on April 8th.

Windows XP is everywhere. It’s in personal computers and business systems, and it’s been well-noted by journalists how persistent it still is in ATMs. Don’t worry though, because banks and financial institutions are shelling out extra cash to keep their machines updated until they switch to another operating system.

Migrating to another operating system shouldn’t be a pricey project. The problem is, if your business hasn’t planned to migrate, it definitely should… NOW!

According to Microsoft, after they drop support, the aging operating system will be five times more vulnerable to attacks and security risks. While sources online have said that Windows XP is already six times more likely to be a target. So after April 8th, just how exposed will Windows XP be?

When support ends, this means no more technical assistance, which includes automatic updates and security essentials. New operating systems are more equipped for tech trends that didn’t exist in 2001, when Windows XP was released. The world has changed a lot since then. Televisions were still round, phones were on the wall, and Pokemon cards and Beanie Babies were the hottest things in your kid’s backpack (not a necessary reference, but it’s fun to reminisce anyways).

Out with the old, in with the new. TriTech can help your office transition to a modern operating system. Our services include setting up hardware, moving your old files and cloud support.

Microsoft ending support is only the beginning. As Windows XP becomes further obsolete, third-party software and hardware manufacturers will stop releasing products for it and offering their own support.

Don’t fall off the cliff with Windows XP. TriTech is here to take your hand and guide your business in a new direction.