Plugging the Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed Bug Plug

OpenSSL is cryptographic software used by businesses ranging from Google and Facebook, to online banking and government websites. The Heartbleed bug is a problem affecting OpenSSL’s SSL/TLS encryption. The part of OpenSSL that protects communications between users and websites was inadvertently allowing anyone to access secure information.

Through this bug, hackers could view sensitive information as it passed through the affected system’s memory. What’s more, because of how and where the bug was located, hackers could not be traced, whereas normally unauthorized access can be monitored. No monitoring and no alerts means that it is uncertain as to how much information has been stolen.

The wide scope of the Heartbleed bug combined with the ambiguous nature of the bug has prompted serious attention from security experts. Anyone who has ever created a password or shared information on the Internet is likely affected. It’s also impacted email and instant messaging clients. Applied to a business, this flaw is an enormous problem.

Measuring the effect of the Heartbleed bug is difficult, whether you’re trying to determine how your own network is affected or how outside networks that you use are affected.

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Patches and fixes for the OpenSSL bug are being delivered, but the problem has existed for so long that it’s like trying to plug a dam after the valley has already been flooded. While the Heartbleed bug will be gone soon, your data could already be out there.

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