The Age of Telepresence Robots

double-robotics-telepresence-robotOne of the best ways to communicate with remote coworkers is through video conferencing. Face-to-face interactions are proven to be more effective than just chatting over the phone. Also, today’s video conferencing solutions are usually bundled with content sharing and other collaboration technologies.

A trend in video conferencing has been to design the systems to be more user friendly, interoperable with more devices like smartphones and tablets, and to generally make the experience and technology more standards-based than proprietary.

Telepresence robots are ushering in a new age of remote collaboration. Rather than scheduling a conference, some robots allow remote users to log in whenever they want. Once logged in, the user can drive the robot around the office and visit coworkers on the spot.

The robots are designed with a display and audio equipment to perform the same basic functions as a video conferencing system. The major difference is the freedom that the robots give remote users, letting them feel like they’re a part of the remote office rather than separated by distance.

Robots are on the rise! It might sound like a funny idea to see a robot roaming your office, but it’s a revolution that’s on the horizon.

Robots can benefit education too. A guest can visit the classroom from anywhere around the world and interact with individual students. Through a video conferencing system at the front of the room, the guest can only see and interact with what’s provided. Through a robot, the guest can take an active role in the learning experience.

The robot pictured on the left is the Double Robotics Telepresence Robot. It has two self-balancing wheels and uses a compatible iPad. It takes minutes to set up and configure. Robots like this are popular in business, education and more. They’ve even been used on stages to interact with huge audiences at conventions.

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