4 Ways to Improve Small Business that You May Not be Doing

Businesses are spending more money than ever before on technology. In the most recent Information and Communication Technology Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2013, corporate businesses spent $330.9 billion on IT services and products – an all-time high.

Tech Dough

Yet, despite all the expenses going into information technology, many small businesses aren’t getting out as much as they should.

1) Security

The enemy that holds you back and ruins everything. According to other recent studies, there was a 38% increase in detected information security incidents, which makes you wonder how many weren’t detected.


One contributing factor could be network management. Of the biggest technology challenge, 27% of small businesses said network security against external threats. Coincidentally, 27% reported they have no network security solution at all; not within their business, not from an IT company, none.

Protecting your networks is protecting your business. TriTech offers a selection of managed IT services for network security and development solutions for businesses.

2) Trends

Keeping up with the latest technology and upgrade trends is the biggest challenge for one-third of small businesses. Trends include mobile payment, cloud computing, Wi-Fi, and taking advantage of the Internet of Things.

However, over one-quarter are facing a different obstacle: slow Internet. No matter which network problem you’re facing, TriTech has over 20 years of experience and credibility to help your business solution.

3) Cloud

Cloud 10

95% – almost 100% – of small businesses that use cloud computing found it beneficial.

It’s easy to understand caution and hesitancy about cloud migration. Slightly more than one in four business owners confessed a “tough time dealing with securely backing up their data.” Network security and office maintenance can be overwhelming, so adding a new technology without experience or knowledge seems unlikely.

But nearly all surveyed small businesses saw the cloud as an asset. Reasons cited include money savings and easier management of data storage, access, and analysis. TriTech is a cloud storage provider.

4) IT Services

TriTech Corporation of America is an IT services and technical support company for businesses in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin. Located in Waukesha, TriTech has been helping enterprises and SMBs since 1993.

Call TriTech today to advance your network and business technology. (262) 717-0037, toll-free (800) 891-3388, or email service (at) tritechcoa (dot) com.

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