Buyer Beware: Third-Party Print Sales (An Argumentative Case on the Importance of OEM)


Buyer Beware, Third-Party Print Sales: An Argumentative Case on the Importance of OEM

TriTech understands the appeal of purchasing from third-party sellers: it’s typically cheap, convenient, and fast. These are probably the most popular three draws for any consumer, who in this case is a buyer for a business, but do not come without risk.

Imagine applying these traits for a car or house, and chances are that concerns will emerge about long-term costs because these large investments can be expensive and add up over time. Imagine applying these traits for a less extreme example, such as fast food or furniture, and chances are that they outweigh any concerns about long-term costs because these smaller investments can be a quick-fix – if you need a lunch or desk, then you need a lunch or desk.

Businesses want to reduce costs, minimize hassle, and save time – just like most consumers – and we understand that. When it comes to information technology, though, we would like to present an argumentative case on the downfalls of using third-party sellers for your business, office, or workplace.

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Warranties for OEM Devices

If you purchase a machine and warranty from an authorized reseller such as TriTech, your business won’t worry about unexpected additional costs throughout the length of your coverage (seeing as consumables are a required expense).

However, if you purchase supplies and components from a third-party or unaffiliated seller, the authenticity is not guaranteed despite the fact that it may be listed as OEM – anyone can claim anything. Epson and Xerox don’t grant protection for damage caused by third-parties.

The warranty from your authorized purchase will not cover products and services from unauthorized parties, more often than not and includes Epson and Xerox.

Third-Party Products

If you purchase a machine from a third-party or unaffiliated seller, you are in the same situation as buying a “used car as is” essentially; new or used, anything that happens after the sale will be your responsibility.

For warranties offered by third parties that are genuine, the coverage purchased can be anywhere from 30 days and up to 3 months, after which the device may encounter problems from misuse and imitation parts you were unaware of. In this case, you are in the “used car as is” situation after the coverage expires.

Fine Print of OEM Warranties

Warranties may differ depending on manufacturer, model, and other agreement terms. Below are individual selections from OEM sources with the intent of educating how manufacturers address third parties and are not meant to represent all warranties. This is for informative purposes only.

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Per Brother: If you purchased a product from someone other than an authorized Brother reseller in the United States or if the product was used (including but not limited to floor models or refurbished product by someone other than Brother), prior to your purchase you are not the Original Purchaser and the product that you purchased is not covered by this warranty.
Per Epson: This [limited] warranty does not cover damage to the EPSON product caused by parts or supplies not manufactured, distributed or certified by Epson. This warranty does not cover … third party parts, components, or peripheral devices …
Per HP: HP is not liable for any claim made by a third party …
Per Lenovo: Lenovo makes no representation or warranty regarding third party products or services.
Per Xerox: Damage to Xerox equipment caused by the use of non-Xerox supplies is not covered under any Xerox warranty or service agreement and is the sole responsibility of the customer. Why put your equipment at risk?

Authorized Partners, Genuine Products, Certified Expertise, all from TriTech

So where do printers rank in terms of investing? It depends on if you’re looking for a short-term or long-term solution. Our print technicians are approached daily by consumers who are on the fence about answering this question: Is a printer that needs weekly repair or doesn’t operate reliably worth the cheap, convenient, fast purchase?

We are firm believers that technology is “you get what you pay for” at TriTech and cheap, convenient, fast purchases will be just that. A printing solution customized to fit your business and goals is more likely to reduce costs, minimize hassle, and save time in the long run – which is what consumers and businesses ultimately strive for, right?

Don’t take multiple shots in the dark with hopes of finding the right fit while saving time and money. With TriTech print services, you’ll have authorized partners and experienced technicians on your side – no gimmicks, no counterfeits. Call us today to learn more, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free (800) 891-3388.


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