6 Reasons Why Cabling is Not for Amateurs

TriTech’s cabling technicians are certified and trained, which means you get a better quality job the first time. However, many people still see cabling as a place where they can cut a few costs and save money by either doing it themselves or hiring novice cabling techs with little experience. This is a mistake, since in the end it can end up costing more to have a pro come in and fix the mess than it would have to just call someone like TriTech in the first place. Here are several reasons why cabling is best left to the pros:

6 – Time

Professionals get it done faster.  Since they’ve done it before, your Cabling Installation project will be carefully planned to ensure there are no issues along the way.

5 – Equipment

Some cabling installations, like connecting two buildings, may require Directional Boring. This connects the network through a trench dug underneath any kind of obstruction–even under a street or parking lot. TriTech’s technicians have never been unable to complete a proposed project. Even if you need the cabling strung up, similar to telephone and power lines, TriTech has the equipment to secure the cable in this way.

4 – Training

Professional cabling technicians are certified by unbiased third parties, which proves they were properly trained to maintain specific standards. This training is a huge investment that companies make, which indicates that the company is dedicated to providing a quality solution for their customers. TriTech has been in the business of cabling since 1993 for one reason–we give customers the best solution available, regardless of the upfront costs to our company. We invest in continuous training for our technicians and promote quality work that reflects the highest standards in the industry.

3 – Warranty

What happens if your investment in cabling suddenly stops working?  If you find that there has been an error on some aspect of installation, who do you turn to? If you chose to work with a trusted cabling installation company like TriTech, you know there is a 15-year warranty on parts and labor. If it wasn’t done right the first time, for whatever reason, we will fix it.

2 – Quality of Materials

This may be obvious, but in order to use the best materials, you first have to know which materials are the best. It takes people new to any industry some time before they learn which materials perform best in which situations. This isn’t always as cut and dry as a certain brand of cable being the best in every situation–many times different types need to be used for different situations. For example, what time of climate is the cable going to be exposed to?  Is it an integrated Voice and Data network or strictly Phone System Cabling?  How far will the data need to travel? Experienced installation specialists will know which questions to ask and know what products to use based on your answers.

1 – Experience, Experience, Experience

There is no better way to learn than by doing.  TriTech’s technicians have been installing cabling for many years–some have over two decades of experience. This experience ensures you have the benefits of working with someone who has done this before and can foresee possible problems before the project even begins.  Whether you’re just adding on to an existing network, or need a new Ethernet Cabling Installation, TriTech’s cabling techs have most likely handled a project like yours before, and seen the whole process from start to finish. This not only ensures a better working network for you in the end, but also can help give you peace-of-mind during the design process.