Samsung Galaxy Note7 Replacements [updated]

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[UPDATE – 10/11] Samsung has Decided to Stop Production of the Galaxy Note7

Following reports of replacement Note7s catching fire last week, the four major wireless carriers have announced they will no longer be using the replacements provided by Samsung. If you have not yet exchanged your Galaxy Note7, it is urged that you so do as soon as possible regardless of purchase date. All Note7 devices are considered unsafe and should be taken to the point of purchase for a new device.

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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Recall [UPDATED]

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[Last Update: 09/20/2016]

Samsung Announces US Availability of Replacement Note7 Devices as Part of Voluntary Recall – Confirmed: New Note7 replacement devices will be available in the United States at most retail locations no later than September 21, 2016.

Samsung has issued a recall for all Galaxy Note7 devices, as you may be aware. With mobility increasing in the workplace and smartphone sales consistently on the rise, TriTech would like to bring attention to this issue and provide resources to those with a Galaxy Note7 who have yet to take action.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 logo

What’s the reason for the Note7 recall? There is a confirmed battery cell issue.

What’s the affect of the issue? There have been confirmed reports of battery explosions, leading to fire risks and combustion. Most common is when the Note7 is charging or powering on.

What do I do if I have a Galaxy Note7? Stop use and power it down. Since the definition of “powering down” is no where to be found, TriTech is unable to identify whether it means “turn power off” or “let battery drain to 0%.” Decide at your own discretion and return to the point of sale immediately.

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Rumor Roundup from International Developments

Samsung Electronics Australia announces replacement stock of Galaxy Note7 – [AUSTRALIA] Packaging marks to identify new, safe replacements: Square on barcode label and ‘S’ sticker.

ZDNet: ​New Note 7s will have green battery indicators instead of white – [SOUTH KOREA] Reportedly applicable in South Korea only; other countries unconfirmed.

Android Central: ​Software update limiting battery charge to 60% – [SOUTH KOREA] Samsung printed about the battery limitation update on a front page advertisement in a South Korean newspaper, many sources reported.


TriTech is neither associated with the Samsung Exchange Program for the Galaxy Note7 nor responsible for any complications or problems as a result of using the Note7. This article is for informative purposes and resource assistance only.