Asterisk 11

Asterisk 11, released in Q4 2012, is a long term support release that is focused on stability, performance and security, with only a few new features. You can currently find Asterisk 11 on the web site. The Asterisk development community has already started working on Asterisk 12. Asterisk 11 will be supported through 2016. New features include:
  • WebSockets SIP Transport, which brings real-time communications to web browsers, enabling browser-based SIP clients to¬†connect¬†with Asterisk and establish media sessions.

  • STLS-SRTP Support offers a securetransport for RTP media streams used by WebRTC and SIP endpoints.

  • Support for ICE, STUN and TURN establishes live media streams between software agents running behind NATs and firewalls.As part of an effort to support WebRTC, ICE, STUN and TURN hare incorporated into the RTP engine.

  • Motif is a new channel driver that supports the Jingle protocol and Google Talk. Motif wil also combine various functions that used to be spread across multiple channels, making use of a new, more standards-compliant XMPP implementation.