Check Your Own Bag?

If you’ve travelled via plane several times over the past, say, two decades, you will have noticed many changes in the way the airport works. While some parts of the process are less convenient, such as getting through the enhanced security points, other processes, such as checking in and getting your tickets, has become automated and more efficient.
Rugged Printers
Now, airlines may be taking it a step further. With a “tag-your-own-bag” implementation, airlines would encourage travelers to print their own baggage tags.  Even now, Los Angeles International Airport utilizes kiosks that print baggage tags as well as maps of the airport.  Although the kiosks can handle over twice the amount of customers per hour, flyers still have to visit an attendant.
Barcode Printers
This system is already in wide use throughout Europe and Canada.  The main issue with ensuring that the kiosks are used is to ensure the reliability of the hardware.  Rugged printers and displays are necessary to maintain near-constant uptime.
Printers in Travel
How do you feel about the “check-your-own-bag” system?