Epson’s Cinemão Project

Epson’s Powerlite Pro Z8000WUNL projectors are going to be used to launch its Cinemão project in recently pacified parts of Brazil that have for years been suffering from a cycle of poverty, crime and violence. Now, since the country is going to be hosting both the Olympic Games and the World Cup soon, the government is looking for ways to pacify some of the most dangerous areas throughout the country.
Epson is using its projectors to bring community spirit and hope to public spaces that have, until now, been centers of violence and a lack of cultural development. The Cinemão project uses film, projected by Epson’s high-brightness, high-resolution premium professional projectors, as tools for promoting the participation of marginalized groups.
Epson Powerlite Pro Z8000WUNL
On Feburary 23, 2013, the first viewing was conducted in the Olympic Village in Gamboa, Rio de Janeiro. Epson turned the space into a free movie theatre for the local residents.
Epson Cinemao Theatre Project
In total, the Cinemão project will show 288 films on weekends. Each viewing will be followed by discussions among filmmakers and the local community. The Cinemão project is expected to touch the lives of more that 150,000 children, youth and adults.
Cinemao Truck