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Cisco is the worldwide leader in information technology infrastructure hardware, so it’s no surprise that they’ve developed mobile applications available for Apple iOS, Android in the Google Play store, and Windows Phone.

What is surprising: their application for AnyConnect is compatible for any mobile platform from any marketplace to any device (yes, in absolutes). Tablets, smartphones, Google Chrome OS…in addition to regular computer operating systems.

It’s honestly quite impressive when programs are configured and found in the Amazon AppStore, but Cisco goes beyond even that with BlackBerry World. I wasn’t even aware such a thing existed and Cisco caters to it! And if that still doesn’t amaze you, WebEx and Jabber have additional apps for Android Wear and Apple Watches.

Smartphone Tablet Business Cisco Mobile Applications

If you own a device, Cisco offers an app.

Cisco Mobile Applications

Cisco has developed over 20 different applications for Android and iOS with an average 3 for Amazon, BlackBerry, and Windows. Below are six – the average three plus honorable mentions that businesses may find useful. (NOTE: You must have the appropriate Cisco solution implemented in order for the apps to work.)

  • Cisco AnyConnect is a virtual private network (VPN) for employees and BYOD. An encrypted network connection, AnyConnect secures your on-premise network from BYOD risks and allows access on the go to increase operation.
  • Cisco Jabber is a unified communications (UC) tool for collaboration. A simplified model of Cisco Spark, Jabber focuses more on the interaction than the project with functions including instant messaging and video.
  • Cisco Spark takes the functionality of Jabber to the next level of team communication. Cisco describes Spark as “your business messaging app, conferencing solution, and phone system all in one. … One service. All your communications.”
  • Cisco WebEx is a web and video conferencing solution. With content sharing and seamless transition between devices, WebEx makes HD video conferences available from anywhere.
  • Cisco Business Class Email is a secure email application with message encryption.
  • Cisco Wireless is a detailed overview of your Cisco Wireless Networks. View all of your wireless access points and the devices connected.


Cisco Smartphone Mobile Application


Minimum Requirements for Cisco Mobile Applications

Depending on your device and operating system, the availability of each application’s released version will vary, e.g. having an older mobile platform may allow a download of an earlier version but not the most current release.

  • Cisco AnyConnect: Android 4.0, Apple iOS 6.0, Windows Phone 8.1, BlackBerry 10.3.2, Chrome OS 43 – and later versions. Amazon AppStore for select Fire & Kindle devices.
  • Cisco Jabber: Android 4.0, Apple iOS 9.0 – and later versions (no longer supported on BlackBerry). Android Wear 5.0, Apple watchOS 2.
  • Cisco Spark: Android 4.1, Apple iOS 9.0, Windows Phone 8.1 Beta (Cisco says Windows 10 Mobile) – and later versions.
  • Cisco WebEx: Android 2.1 for smartphone and 3.0 for tablet, Apple iOS 8.0, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10 – and later versions. Android Wear 4.1, Apple watchOS 2, Amazon AppStore for select Fire & Kindle devices.
  • Cisco Business Class Email: Android 3.0, Apple iOS 7.0 – and later versions.
  • Cisco Wireless: Android 4.1, Apple iOS 7.1 – and later versions.


Cisco Network Solutions & IT Services from TriTech

In order to use these applications, you must first have a Cisco solution implemented; you can’t use Cisco Wireless if your Wi-Fi network is connected to Netgear WAPs. If these applications seem like they’d be a good fit for your business, TriTech can help you integrate any of these mobility options into a new business strategy or existing Cisco infrastructure.

Don’t delay your intentions to add productivity and innovation. Start your video conferencing solution or BYOD strategy for mobility today, call TriTech at (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.

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Versions, Android: AnyConnect 4.0.05057 • Jabber • Spark 1.10.3156 • WebEx 9.5.0 • BCE • Wireless 1.0.287
Versions, Apple: AnyConnect 4.0.05055 • Jabber 11.7.2 • Spark 1.45 • WebEx 9.5.2 • BCE 3.0.0 • Wireless 1.0.197

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