Congratulations, Epson Telford, Ltd. on Earning the Zero Waste to Landfill Award

Epson Telford, Ltd.
Epson Telford, Ltd manufactures ink cartridges for the European market, and is Epson’s only European-based manufacturer. Epson Telford has a great reputation within the local community for using a proactive, high-quality waste recycling program in which all waste made by the various manufacturing processes will go through an assessment for recycling potential. Epson Telford works with nationally recognized recycling distributors which help them  bring the recycled waste back to the market.

About the Zero Waste to Landfill Award

Valpak, a leading UK-based company, specializes in waste management and other environmental activities. They launched the Zero Waste to Landfill award, which sets the goal of eliminating waste sent to landfill sites. Valpak worked with Epson Telford for many years and provided advice and support regarding environmental and other recycling issues. Valpak reached out, approaching Epson Telford to be an ambassador for this recycling process, after recognizing Epson Telford’s track record of dedicated recycling. Epson Telford uses best practice procedures, which meet the established standards that expect zero waste goes to landfills, no more than 5% of the wast gets incinerated and at least 95% of all waste material must be recycled and then returned to the marketplace.

Epson Telford Earn Zero Waste to Landfill award
Epson Telford not only helped set and prove these targets can be reached, they also became the first company in the United Kingdom to earn the Zero Waste to Landfill award. They’ve successfully raised the bar for other companies who might hope to earn this recognition  The award is annually assessed for continuous improvement, meaning the employees at Epson Telford are now working to make their performance even more impressive to ensure they are re-accredited at the end of the year.

Benefits of the Zero Waste to Landfill Accreditation:

  • Demonstrate, to customers and competitors, your commitment to the environment

  • Completely eliminate your waste to landfill

  • Learn to optimize recycling while putting materials back into the market place

  • Improve your corporate and social responsibility recognition

  • Increase your business opportunities from environmentally aware customers
Great job, Epson! Keep up the great efforts!

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