TriTech Exposes False Claims for Caller

Recently, one of our call dispatchers received a call that was very disturbing: someone had nearly been scammed by a different established IT company located in Waukesha.

The Story

The caller had been using an Epson projector for about eight years and looking to purchase a replacement part. Before calling TriTech, the caller contacted a different repair company in the Waukesha area. The company stated that they were Epson authorized service providers, certified for the projector’s specific model, and able to take care of everything. They prepared an estimate for part costs and service fees; in the meantime, the caller reached out to Epson directly – only to discover the company was not, in fact, a partner or certified.

angry cat on telephone

This company lied to a potential customer about their credentials.

Once the estimate was delivered, the caller contacted the company that Epson recommended – TriTech. We prepared an estimate for part costs and service fees, and it turned out to be significantly less than what the other company offered; the other company not only lied but overcharged by such an extreme amount. The caller was rightfully furious about the first interaction.

Luckily, Epson’s customer support protected the caller and handled the situation appropriately. Also fortunate is that the caller did end up where they wanted: an Epson Authorized Service Provider in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Epson Authorized Service Provider for Projector Repair and Services

TriTech is the only Epson Authorized Service Provider for projector repair and services in Wisconsin. There is one other Epson-affiliated company in the state but they are not authorized for projectors. Search for yourself on Epson’s Service Center Locator.

If you need a broken Epson projector fixed, contact TriTech today at (262) 717-0037 or toll-free (800) 891-3388.

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