Epson WristableGPS

Epson has recently released GPS running monitors that allow runners to accurately measure and record their speed and distance.  GPS technology is infused into the design, delivering a lightweight solution in a compact design with a long battery life.  Such an innovation required several technological breakthroughs:

Low power consumption

By lowering the power consumption, the usage is extended. It has been difficult for many manufactures to design a product that produces both accurate GPS positioning and a long battery life.

Adjustment of Positioning Data

Oftentimes, GPS positioning accuracy can be affected negatively by a vairety of factors, such as the electronic waves from tall buildings. The diagram below is used by Epson to demonstrate how a path in an urban area with high-rise buildings can be recorded as up to 60% greater than the actual distance run. Epson has managed to use a specially-designed algorithm to greatly reduce these discrepancies.

 Specially Designed Antenna

In order to ensure that the end product is lightweight and compact. Epson has designed a thin antenna with a wider reception angle, which mounts alongside the pattery instead of separately from it.

Currently, the WristableGPS is only available in Japan

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