Xerox printers and multifunction machines how feature a Fax Forward to E-mail  function to automatically send fax jobs to an email address, saving paper and speeding retrieval and distribution times. The printer can forward incoming and/or outgoing fax transmissions as an e-mail attachment, allowing you to open the attachment and forward the message, or print it out if needed.

Xerox Fax-to-email
Email attachments of the fax can be set to PDF, TIFF, and some machines even support XPS.
By using the Fax Forward to Email feature, you get an additional layer of security added to your fax, by ensuring documents aren’t just sitting there for anyone to read while they are standing by the printer, sending a fax or whatever they’re doing.
Most Xerox machines that have faxing capabilities have the fax forwarding capability. A few machines even allow you to use the fax forward feature for both incoming and outgoing faxes, allowing you to keep an electronic version of faxes you have sent. Fax Forward allows you to print out a copy if you should need it, or it can be set to print and email incoming faxes.   Fax Forward  also ensures you won’t lose faxes any more. If there happens to be an error that prevents the fax from being forwarded, the device will simply print the fax at the device.
Not all machines have the option to set up Fax Forward. Not all companies will want to use it, either, since:
  • Fax is legally binding, whereas email is not
  • Fax is the easiest way to exchange legal documents
  • It may be inconvenient for one user to receive and sort through every fax for an entire office

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