RFID Streamlines Payroll

At an Arizona Greenhouse, Eurofresh Farms, RFID technology is being used to help workers increase their productivity. The RFID-based solution enables the company to easily track the exact amount of work performed by each individual worker.
RFID Payroll
Previously, each employee would turn in a report that showed how many rows of plants he or she processed. With the RFID system, employees can simply scan the tag of the row they are working on, and then scan the next row when the move on. This helps for a variety of information-gathering, including being able to tell which plants, specifically, were tended during a given shift, and also which rows may be taking longer to tend than others.
Productivity-enhancing RFID Solutions
The software interfaces with the company’s payroll software to make the payroll process much easier, and accurate. Productivity in the greenhouses using the RFID software has almost doubled-which management attributes to an increased incentive to work faster since workers are being paid for exactly what they accomplished each day.
For more information, or to see if your organization could benefit from a similar RFID-installation, please contact us!

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