Samsung Galaxy Note7 Replacements [updated]

[UPDATE – 10/11] Samsung has Decided to Stop Production of the Galaxy Note7

Following reports of replacement Note7s catching fire last week, the four major wireless carriers have announced they will no longer be using the replacements provided by Samsung. If you have not yet exchanged your Galaxy Note7, it is urged that you so do as soon as possible regardless of purchase date. All Note7 devices are considered unsafe and should be taken to the point of purchase for a new device.

Official Samsung & Carrier Statements

Samsung Will Ask All Global Partners to Stop Sales and Exchanges of Galaxy Note7 While Further Investigation Takes Place | 10/10

Samsung Statement on Replacement Note7 Devices | 10/07

AT&T – Samsung Galaxy Note7 Recall & Safety

Sprint, official statement – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall

T-Mobile – Update: Samsung Note7 recall, T-Mobile Note7 exchange

Verizon will also stop issuing replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones [statement to The Verge]

Samsung Galaxy Note7 logo

Recall Exchange Information

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Battery Safety Recall and Exchange Program [updated 09/20/2016]

For information about the recall of the first Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices, read our blog here.


TriTech is neither associated with the Samsung Exchange Program for the Galaxy Note7 nor responsible for any complications or problems as a result of using the Note7. This article is for informative purposes and resource assistance only.

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