Tablets will be useless? A prediction from BlackBerry’s CEO

In an interview with Blomberg, BlackBerry’s CEO Thorsten Heins proclaimed that, “in five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet,” which most likely means we will never see a sequel to BlackBerry’s 2011 PlayBook. If you remember, PlayBook was BlackBerry’s attempt at a tablet that neglected to include integrated email, to the dismay of many customers and potential buyers.
BlackBerry Playbook
BlackBerry Playbook
Heins also said in the interview that, “in five years, I see BlackBerry to be the absolute leader in mobile computing,” confirming his optimism regarding the reception of the new Q10 phone, which launched in the UK last weekend. BlackBerry is counting on users who prefer a physical keyboard upgrading from previous BlackBerry phones, since the most recent BlackBerry update before BB10 was in 2011.
BlackBerry 10 Z10
BlackBerry 10 Z10 Touchscreen Phone
However, since the Q10 is only the second phone to be released on the new BB10 operating system, and the first to include BlackBerry’s signature physical keyboard that has retained so many followers, it may be awhile before we know for certain the fate of BlackBerry in the consumer marketplace.

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