Xerox Celebrates the 43rd Annual Earth Day

Xerox is a printer company with a history of being committed to sustainability. Way before the “Green” movement, as early as 1969, Xerox invented double-sided copying, and in the early 1970’s, they introduced the first post-consumer recycled paper products. In the 1980’s, years before the Energy Star programs, Xerox started making products that would automatically power down or go into sleep mode. Xerox has also established a waste-free platform that has lead to the production of waste-free products and the implementation in 3 zero waste to landfill facilities.
And today, Xerox manufactures solid ink machines that reduce packaging as well as energy use.
Of course, using paper copies of documents will always have an environmental impact. To reduce your environmental footprint even further, consider using recycled paper products and always recycle all paper. Xerox supplies can be returned to Xerox, where they will be appropriately recycled. Xerox equipment and older machines can also be recycled or donate. TriTech can help you with the process.
You can find more information in Xerox’s 2012 Report on Global Citizenship.

Happy Earth Day!

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