Xerox eConcierge

eConcierge, the newest service from TriTech, allows organizations to easily reorder their supplies, with the additional bonus of free lifetime service. But how?

By ordering directly through the Xerox eConcierge Supplies Assistant, every part of the supply-ordering process simpler, and is available for other brands besides Xerox. As long as you’re using the eConcierge Assistant, you get free service as a reward (after 30 days and your second supplies order). The free service includes the same benefits as your machine shipped with, such as quick exchange and depot or onsite repair. You also have to only purchase your supplies through the eConcierge to keep the coverage.

Xerox’s eConcierge ensures you’ll never run out of supplies, since the service will automatically send an alert when your supplies are low and you need to order more. It also allows you to name your printers whatever you want, so you can call the printer in the sales department “Sales Printer,” eliminating the confusion that can happen when you must identify the printer by its IP address.

eConcierge also delivers quality supplies, manufactured by Xerox for Xerox machines, to ensure high quality printing, reliable performance and print yields that are more easily predicted.

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